Non-toxic Travel Buddy Hands & Surfaces Cleaner

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Spray directly on your hands and/or on any surface, rub in for at least 20 seconds. It is completely non-toxic which allows for usage as needed without any worries. Dry off lightly if necessary.

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Disinfecting your hands and any surface area on a regular basis is important to avoid getting sick, especially if you are always on the road, travelling, meeting new people or if you work in healthcare facilities, daycare and schools.

FuTur™ Non-toxic Travel Buddy is going to be your  #1 go-to Hand Sanitizer and Surface Disinfectant. It is also small and safe enough to go in your carry-on bag or school bag while travelling.

Unlike other conventional hand sanitizers, FuTur™ Non-Toxic Travel Buddy completely eliminates the NOROVIRUS. Plus, you can wash your hands with it as many times as you like, as opposed to chemical-based hand sanitizers.

It also eliminates Salmonella, E-coli, Listeria and many other viruses, such as the Human Coronavirus 229E, while also being 100% Natural, Safe for Children, Biodegradable and Hypoallergenic, thanks to its amazing Nanotechnology!

Nanotechnology is the most powerful science in the world allowing plant enzymes to perform a stronger, more effective task than any generic chemical product in the world while being 100% non-toxic.

This futuristic science works at the smallest possible scale known to life, the nanoscale. These nanoparticles are programmed to execute specific functions and target every substance. Due to their extremely small size, one billion times smaller than a meter, they are able to penetrate any material and clean any surface. It is the safest cleaner and disinfectant, no warning label is required.

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