Platinum Non-toxic Extreme Degreaser

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350 ml


Spray directly on stain, allow solution to sit 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub if necessary with brush and rinse. Repeat if necessary until entire area is cleaned.

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Our FuTur™ Non-toxic Extreme Degreaser is the only degreaser you’ll ever need for extremely dirty areas. It is going to fight even the strongest of stains and heavy grease, without any hassles. Our Extreme Degreaser is not only very strong but also biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% safe to use around children and pets.

Its powerful nanoparticle agents begin to work immediately by suspending, emulsifying and breaking away those ink, soot, carbon, grease, wax, soil, dirt, oil and stains of all type into water soluble, biodegradable components on all washable surfaces without damaging the finish!

Perfect for heavy duty degreasing and extra tough stains of any kind.

Unlike other conventional degreasers, FuTur™ Non-toxic Extreme Degreaser also disinfects at the same time; it kills Salmonella, e-coli, Listeria and many viruses, such as the human Coronavirus 229E, thanks to its amazing nanotechnology! It’s the safest degreaser and stain remover that you will have in your house!

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