Our Disinfectants are Approved by Health Canada

Kill CORONAVIRUS, NOROVIRUS and many other viruses


Benefits of distributing our products

HELP customers quickly & effectively kill tough viruses like the CORONAVIRUS and the NOROVIRUS.
Meet MARKET demand for gentle, plant-derived natural products powered by nanotechnology.
INCREASE your sales with a one-step disinfectant solution for any industry.
OFFER versatile products that saves your customers time and money each day.


Your one-step distribution solution to
improving margins.

Making sure you have what you need to maximize sales while keeping customers & the environment safe is our top priority. With multiple benefits for users in all industries, TR33 disinfectant is your one-step solution to earning more and protecting customers from the spread of viruses.

Multi-surface antimicrobial and disinfectant to clean and disinfect:

Toilets & Sinks

Glass & Plexiglass

Leather & Vinyl textiles

Walls & Floors



Door Handles

Light Switches



Meet Market Demand


One multi-purpose product. One easy step. Protection in one minute.

TR33 Disinfectant can be used in Foam & Sprayers

Many leading disinfectants use harsh chemical ingredients that take up to 10 minutes to kill emerging pathogens like CORONAVIRUS, the NOROVIRUS and the flu. With its NANOTHECHNOLOGY and 1-minute viral kill time, TR33 by FuTur is a gentle solution to effective disinfection and virus prevention.


Schools & Daycares

Keep Teachers, educators & students safe and attendance up by disinfecting every desk & chair in between classes.


Cooks & servers can safely work while clients can come back knowing tables, chairs, and restrooms are safer than before.

Office Buildings

Janitors can easily clean and disinfect almost any hard, non-porous surfaces to protect building occupants.

Long-Term Care

Healthcare workers can better protect residents easier with a bleach-free, chemical-free, non-toxic formula.


Hotel staff can routinely disinfect touch points & furniture without spending hours on disinfection every day.

Retail & Grocery

Employees can better prevent germ-sharing when interacting with customers in their workplace.


Drive long-term growth with FuTur.

We are committed to providing versatile products and innovative solutions you need to help drive growth for your business while protecting your customers. From fast-acting disinfectants like TR33 to exclusive sales and marketing materials, FuTur is your partner in keeping Everything Clean.


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Safe for children

Safe for children, pregnant women & people with autoimmune diseases


USDA Certified Biobased Biodegradable, No harsh chemicals, Non-toxic & Plant-based ingredients

Health Canada Approved Hospital-Grade Disinfectant


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